Team Maasai Mountain Guides

Being probably the cheapest operation on Kilimanjaro and therefore unable to compete with the salaries offered by upmarket operations, our mountain guides are drawn from the junior ranks of our sponsoring company, with which they enjoy work as assistant guides.

While our mountain guides are hard working and generally of excellent character, and are trained to respect the team ethos of courtesy, humility and professionalism, readers should understand that they are not as experienced, knowledgeable or possessing the same high level of communications skills as if they booked with a company such as Team Kilimanjaro, Kiliwarriors or Alpine Ascents.

Saving Money on Staffing Costs

With respect to the economisations on which our operation is necessarily based, we genuinely believe that for the prices paid, we enjoy the loyalty of by far the best and most dedicated guides. Unusually with a budget operation, when climbing Kilimanjaro with Team Maasai, your Mount Kilimanjaro climb will be supported by mountain staff that are experienced in working with high level operations. The reason for this is that junior guides who ordinarily work in support roles as assistant guides to chief guides of our sponsor company, see the opportunity to impress Team Maasai management with their ability to lead as offering a chance to gain advancement with our sponsor, via client referral.

This all means that while your Kilimanjaro climb guide may not yet be the best in the industry, he certainly aspires to be as his career develops, and he habitually works under the direct command and influence of the best guides on Kilimanjaro.